Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Yes! I thank God for this day! Thank YOU for another year of existence. Thank you, GOD, for giving me precious life. For all the wonders, goodness, guidance and patience YOU bestowed upon me, I am forever grateful!

It is my first time to show to the whole world that I am celebrating my natal day today. For the past years that I'm using the popular social networking site - the facebook - I don't really show my birthday on my profile. It's because I just want to be in quiet mode every time my birthday comes. The truth is I just want to stay away from questions coming from so many people asking why I'm still single and when will I get married. Sometimes I really got annoyed of it.  A certain colleague spoke ironic words towards me. I just can't ignore the hurt it caused me. I was offended and felt insulted by his ill-remarks. I just don't know why there are some insensitive people who really can't hold their tongue and happy to hurt others through giving sarcastic remarks. 

Thanks to my best friend Roni for giving me encouraging and inspiring words that really melted my heart. It is my special day and it is the best thing for me to celebrate and be happy and thankful for the gift of life given to me by our Creator. For such beautiful words, I showed my birthday on my facebook profile. 

I waited until the clock turned 12:00 am and posted a birthday prayer on my facebook wall. I was really overwhelmed and felt so much joy for all the people who remembered and greeted me through text messages, calls, facebook likes, comments and private messages. I've just realized there's a lot of people who really cares for me and it melts my heart. I can feel their love and care and through them I feel within my heart God's  immeasurable love and overflowing graces.

This message of my friend Roni touches and melts my heart. I'm speechless because I don't know what are the best words that would describe the feelings within me when I read it:
Lord, we thank you for blessing us with someone like Cathy. She has been one of the best gift you have given me & my family. Her unyielding love & compassion has been her most favorable traits. In times when I am in lost & in doubt she reminds me to stood by my faith. I was then lost & desolate Lord but she remains to be my pillar of strenght. You let us both met along the way & started a friendship that we will treasure in every way. I pray for her health, safety & happiness Father that you may bless her everyday. For she deserves all the love & happiness the world can give.

*Happy Happy Birthday my dearest friend. Thank you for your love, compassion & kind heart. I will always be grateful to you for the prayers & strength you have endowed in me. Without your kindness I wouldn't be so happy with all the blessing I have, most especially for having KD. You are a blessing to everyone & I am so proud, lucky & grateful for I have a friend in you. I pray for your health, happiness & safety my friend. Have a happy birthday. You had your early gift earlier seeing derek hahahaha. Peace. Love you.*
I attended two masses, one from 7:45 am mass at St. Joseph Shrine at Cubao, Quezon City and 12:15 noon mass at Cathedral Shrine of Good Shepherd here at Fairview,Quezon City. Then I went to SM Fairview Mall to renew my Sun Cellular postpaid line and got my free phone, the black Samsung Galaxy Y. Yesterday, I gave birthday treat to my work colleagues at our department. I set my post-birthday celebration with my close friends on January. It's because I have some important things to do.

God knows what's the fervent desire and wish of my heart and I believe He will grant it at His Most Perfect Time according to His Will. 

Thank you so much FATHER ALMIGHTY for the gift of life! Amen.