Friday, July 30, 2010

Quiet Moment with God

There is always a point in our daily life, a day's portion when we want to be alone so we could have a special quiet moment with God. And looking for a place free of agitation and intrusion is the key to necessary reflection, listening and talking to Him. It is the best way to feel His presence, meditate and surrender everything to Him. You may consider to be wholly alone with Him in the comfort of your cozy room or sitting by the window gazing at the blue sky. It would certainly give you serenity, calmness and relaxing feeling that you could not find elsewhere but only within God's presence.

my workplace's chapel

One of the usual places where I choose to be in a solitary mood with God is the Eucharistic Chapel of different churches I've got the chance to visit. I loved the serenity and holiness of this place wherein I could fervently feel that the Lord is at home peculiarly the solace and relaxation it give to my stressed mind, body and soul. And still I do indeed enjoy being comfortable with myself having a heart-to-heart conversation with God. I used to adore, pray, talk and listen to His words as the Holy Spirit envelops my whole being and touches my heart. It is such a great feeling knowing you're in the comfort and consolation of Mighty Hands in a very special moment of stillness and tranquility. What an indescribable and inexpressible feeling!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Emotional Roller Coaster

I'm having an emotional roller coaster feeling right now. Yesterday, I feel so enthusiastic in looking for a job abroad and hoping it would be possible to land a good job. I was so glad when Ms. Joan handed me a list of requirements I need to submit before I could take an examination.  She told me that it's much better to submit my lacking requirements  right away so that she could accommodate my application. I was informed that they have an urgent positions available and it's up to me if I'm interested. I stepped out of the building with a positive attitude in pursuing my laid plan into reality. 

Earlier this day, I went to the office of one of my friends here in the workplace and she'd given me a sort of advice and shared with me some of her experiences during her employment abroad days. For her, it's much better for me to stay here in my present workplace than to venture into another journey abroad. I know she has a point when she told me that it's very hard to get a job nowadays and I  could be jobless after I came back from working abroad. I know our company is giving us benefits that other company don't have like  most especially the medical and educational benefits we have here. But I know deep inside my soul, I want to explore,  try and learn something new and take risks with the guidance of the Divine Hands. I don't want to live my whole life working so hard and be content in the comfort of my small cubicle but didn't grow  as what I wanted to be and never tried to step out of my comfort zone. Opportunity comes to those who seek and acknowledge God that there is always better way for me to grow and that's exactly what I'm doing. I don't want to live a life regretting the chances I've missed that's why my heart and mind kept on telling me that I should pursue it. But then I felt uneasy, a feeling of emotional roller coaster dawned on me as I  stepped out of her office and while walking back to our department's office.  Half of my mind and heart telling me to just stop for awhile and listen, weighing things down while the other half telling me to follow what I really wanted to do.

I was really grateful when I got a chance to have a chit chat online with Aieen  when I signed in at yahoo at that very moment when I needed someone to talk to. I listened to her very inspiring and awakening words of encouragement and enlightenment of what would be the very best decision I could ever make. First and foremost, I should ask God's will and guidance on my life. I should listen to what He says and have faith that whatever paths I choose to go, He is definitely be there for the rest of my journey. I have only to give my very best to do things and the rest is in His Mighty Hands.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The RCBC MyWallet

Yesterday, I met up with my brother, Bobet, to give his school allowance and also the RCBC MyWallet I got last week. The said RCBC MyWallet is the RCBC's newest cash card that lets you do transactions like a normal ATM does: withdrawals, cashless shopping, balance inquiry, and bills payment --- all these, without the hassles of keeping a monthly maintaining balance. 

This cash card helps me a lot  in sending financial assistance to my brother who is now studying.  I will just deposit/ transfer funds to the account and he could withdraw it right away.  It's also a great way to avoid inconvenience like traffic jam and spending fare in going to his place just to give him cash. It will not only save money but time as well. Then, I told him to keep the cash card and don't forget the pin code to avoid ATM pin blocked.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Eclipse Movie & Blackbeard's Seafood Island

pose at Eclipse

I'm having a nap when I received a text message from a friend inviting me to watch the Twilight Saga: Eclipse last July 01, 2010. Of course, I said yes. Since new year came, I'm looking forward to watch this movie. We stepped out of the office at exactly 4 o'clock in the afternoon and headed to Trinoma Mall to meet the couple who went there earlier than us to buy movie tickets. We brought some snacks and drink into the cinema theater to enjoy it while watching the movie. We had fun and laughter inside the movie theater.
After we stepped out of the movie house, we've decided to look for a fine dining restaurant. We chose the Blackbeard's Seafood Island. They had a live band music in the background. We ordered Boodle Feast Dapitan's Pride, a combination of crispy coco gin shrimps, San Mig clams (cooked in San Mig Lite), grilled tilapia, grilled squid, laing, steamed crabs, grilled liempo and kalkag rice (hibi-flavored rice). We ordered iced tea and dalandan juice for our drinks.
 Boodle Feast Dapitan's Pride - served in an oversized, sturdy wooden tray 
covered with banana leaves meant for sharing.

picture taking comes first before eating

I really enjoyed the feast flatter because it satisfied my cravings for seafood. It's one of the favorite food and I want it more and more, maybe in some other time again. Overall, we had oodles of fun going out once again.

Aunt Liza's Birthday

Goldilock's cake brought by Edel, Gene's girlfriend

Last June 29, 2010, I went to my cousin's house at Cogeo, Antipolo City to be a part of the simple birthday celebration of Aunt Liza. After we had our sumptuous dinner, we paused for awhile and then videoke party begun. The girls have had their wine while hard drink for the boys. I wasn't able to take many photos but anyway I have enjoyed the party.

 Aunt Liza slices her birthday cake.

 videoke time

The following day, we went to Mall of Asia just to unwind and explore the place even just for a while. The three boys (Gene, Greg & Gerome) chose to have a practice driving there because of the wide open roads wherein you can drive safely. We roamed inside the mall looking for something we need. Until after then, we decided to dine at Max's Restaurant located at Metro Robinsons near Sta. Lucia Mall. We experienced the chicken-eat-all-you-can promo at Max's for P165.00 only.

Monday, July 05, 2010

4 Years of Service

Today, July 05, 2010 marks the 4 years of service I've been working here in my present job. I could still remember my first day of entering the company premises and preparing for my new life's journey being in the health care industry. I was a bit shy but excited and responsible enough to start the day and face the challenges in my new work environment.

It has been a privilege working for such a good company with no other aim but to strive for excellence and I am very proud to be part of this team. I would like to thank the organization for accepting me as part of the family, teaching and molding me not just to be a good employee, but a well-rounded person as well.

I will be forever grateful and always cherish all the memories I have on this journey. Wherever my journey and opportunity would lead me, I shall face a new venture filled with head's up confidence and spirit, which I got from being part of the organization.