Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Yes! I thank God for this day! Thank YOU for another year of existence. Thank you, GOD, for giving me precious life. For all the wonders, goodness, guidance and patience YOU bestowed upon me, I am forever grateful!

It is my first time to show to the whole world that I am celebrating my natal day today. For the past years that I'm using the popular social networking site - the facebook - I don't really show my birthday on my profile. It's because I just want to be in quiet mode every time my birthday comes. The truth is I just want to stay away from questions coming from so many people asking why I'm still single and when will I get married. Sometimes I really got annoyed of it.  A certain colleague spoke ironic words towards me. I just can't ignore the hurt it caused me. I was offended and felt insulted by his ill-remarks. I just don't know why there are some insensitive people who really can't hold their tongue and happy to hurt others through giving sarcastic remarks. 

Thanks to my best friend Roni for giving me encouraging and inspiring words that really melted my heart. It is my special day and it is the best thing for me to celebrate and be happy and thankful for the gift of life given to me by our Creator. For such beautiful words, I showed my birthday on my facebook profile. 

I waited until the clock turned 12:00 am and posted a birthday prayer on my facebook wall. I was really overwhelmed and felt so much joy for all the people who remembered and greeted me through text messages, calls, facebook likes, comments and private messages. I've just realized there's a lot of people who really cares for me and it melts my heart. I can feel their love and care and through them I feel within my heart God's  immeasurable love and overflowing graces.

This message of my friend Roni touches and melts my heart. I'm speechless because I don't know what are the best words that would describe the feelings within me when I read it:
Lord, we thank you for blessing us with someone like Cathy. She has been one of the best gift you have given me & my family. Her unyielding love & compassion has been her most favorable traits. In times when I am in lost & in doubt she reminds me to stood by my faith. I was then lost & desolate Lord but she remains to be my pillar of strenght. You let us both met along the way & started a friendship that we will treasure in every way. I pray for her health, safety & happiness Father that you may bless her everyday. For she deserves all the love & happiness the world can give.

*Happy Happy Birthday my dearest friend. Thank you for your love, compassion & kind heart. I will always be grateful to you for the prayers & strength you have endowed in me. Without your kindness I wouldn't be so happy with all the blessing I have, most especially for having KD. You are a blessing to everyone & I am so proud, lucky & grateful for I have a friend in you. I pray for your health, happiness & safety my friend. Have a happy birthday. You had your early gift earlier seeing derek hahahaha. Peace. Love you.*
I attended two masses, one from 7:45 am mass at St. Joseph Shrine at Cubao, Quezon City and 12:15 noon mass at Cathedral Shrine of Good Shepherd here at Fairview,Quezon City. Then I went to SM Fairview Mall to renew my Sun Cellular postpaid line and got my free phone, the black Samsung Galaxy Y. Yesterday, I gave birthday treat to my work colleagues at our department. I set my post-birthday celebration with my close friends on January. It's because I have some important things to do.

God knows what's the fervent desire and wish of my heart and I believe He will grant it at His Most Perfect Time according to His Will. 

Thank you so much FATHER ALMIGHTY for the gift of life! Amen.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Little Piece of Me

I came from a broken family and I don't deny it. Being one and also identified as an illegitimate child ain't easy to accept. I've been hurt and cried a bucket of tears in knowing the truth. But realizing that there's no good thing I could gain on being rebellious and dwelling on the past, I accepted my fate and decided to go on with my life. I let God direct me to the right pathway of life. I studied well, learned many things not only from the four sides of classroom but also from all the people who taught me how to persevere and strive on what I wanted to be. There are so many times I want to give up but still with the grace of God I moved on. I worked hard and prayed hard asking for guidance and strength to go on.

I vividly remember the days when I want and eager enough to enroll in a bachelor's degree a year after I finished my vocational course. I enrolled and became a working student just to be able to pursue my education. I learned to be frugal so that I could sustain my other needs, manage time and prioritize things to meet deadlines. I learned how not to take people I love for granted. I learned to sacrifice my love for someone special and face the terrible moment when I lose and let him go. I learned to get along well with other people while living far from my family. Eventually, I saw the light at the end of the dark tunnel when I received my bachelor's diploma.

Looking back, I feel so much blessed and grateful to God for where I am right now. I have a stable job with one of the prestigious institution of my country. I enjoy life's journey with my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Still unavoidable set of circumstances may come my way, but I know I do carried suitcase of courage and faith in God to win in the battles of life.

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Fulfilled Promise

Source: Google Images
Last September 24, 2011 at Saturday morning, I have fulfilled my promise to God that I will visit and attend mass at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Marilao, Bulacan. That day, I woke up early in the morning when I feel like there is a silent voice succumbing me to go to the said church. Several months ago, I promised to God that I will visit His sacred place in the province of Bulacan. And I'm so glad that I did it.

It's the first time I was in the place and truly I felt the presence of God. I prayed fervently in the Shrine of Divine Mercy. I spent a lot of time roaming around the entire place. I bought a Divine Mercy Chaplet in the their souvenir shop. I visited the Guadalupe Chapel at the Church basement where a big picture of Our Lady is enthroned with its flowing water. Also, I entered the Cave of the Holy Sepulcher where I feel the awesomeness of the place. And of course, the newly renovated Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes where I prayed in silence my fervent wishes.

It was a wonderful experience being in that place that truly lighten my burden and be secured with the belief that God is present as a Loving Merciful Lord now and forever.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Princess in Disguise

I saw her wearing her cutest smile while talking to a friend. She is a simple lady with a humble heart. She brings inspiration to those who needed it. She lends a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to someone she cares. She is a good provider to her family. She has a positive outlook in life. I have witnessed how she sacrificed her own happiness for the sake of her family. I have seen how she succeeded in some of her struggles in her life's journey. I have proven how she dearly love her family and give them the best that she can be. I have seen how proud she was when her dreams for her beloved family have been fulfilled and all the efforts she'd given to them have been rewarded. She tearfully thanked God for all the graces and answered prayers bestowed to her family.

But there's one thing they didn't know about her. When darkness comes and the sun is out, her smile turns into cry. She takes off her mask. She must face her real world. A life of being alone and no one to love.
Yesterday night, I saw her all alone in her silent shell. Her little comfort zone has been a quiet witness to her lonely and pain-filled days. Just an hour, a sudden burst of frustration, despondency and hopelessness envelops her whole being. She cried and cried. She was attacked by a depression. She felt emptiness and a loss of love. She has a feeling of being drowned in the ocean of fear and failure. She couldn't fathom the realities and uncertainties of life. She is afraid to be left alone and lonely. She is afraid things will not be okay.

Sometimes, a teaspoon of regret makes her heart shattered into pieces. If only she had fight for the love she once had, maybe she won the battle of love. If only she had not let go of him, maybe she now happy with a man she truly loved. If only she said yes to his man's marriage proposal, maybe she is now happy and contented wife. If only she had think and decide only for herself, maybe she now living with a family of her own. But it's too late. She can never turn back the pages of time.

I sigh, realizing that 
          I've lost my sanity amidst 
                   the dark and stormy night.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Dear Mr. A: An Old Flame

More than three years have passed since we parted ways and never been reconnected. Until one day, I received a missed call and found out it was you. Then, we were re-communicated once more.

It seems you're talking to me just like nothing happened in the past. You're still the same person that I once knew. You always pestering me with your sarcastic remarks. Enough for me to feel quite mad at you the way you are. But I guess there is no more question about it. It's you.. the real you.

Now, you want me back. Is it that easy? Maybe, for you. The first time I heard it from you, I don't know what my reaction is. Am I happy? I remain still. But the feeling I think isn't there anymore. You said you will gonna prove that you have unfeigned love. Do I have to believe? For all the pain you caused me, do you still worthy of my full trust? Do I have to give you a second chance?

I'm sorry. That's all I can say at this very moment. After weighing things out, I've realized some things never last. The feelings I have for you before exists no more. I try to feel within my heart if you're still resides in there but my heart says you're out of her life now. I am really sorry but I don't love you anymore.  

I have overcome the struggle and burden you have caused me. The past hurt and mistake made me a stronger person. It taught me how to accept my loss and brave enough to go through life without you. Thank you for the chance, I was given an ample time in expressing what my heart and mind wanted to say. You need to move on now. You have to let go. Let's just be fair. Let's just be friends! That's the only thing I could offer you right now. It will never change. And will never be.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

5-Year Milestone Anniversary

Today is July 05, 2011. I'm celebrating my five (5) year service anniversary here in the company. I utter words of praise and thanksgiving for the privileges and opportunities God put into my hands. I'd realized how my life has been changed since the first time I entered this workplace.

It wasn't my first job. I could say that I have skills and knowledge to do the job. It doesn't mean that there is no things to be improved on my craft. I'm open to new ways of  improving myself and developing self-confidence. Learning is an endless thing as long as you're eager to do so. It would enhance our skills and abilities to be in a right track of our profession. And of course, for our own personal growth and development. Sometimes we learn through the smooth way. Sometimes, at the opposite side. But whatever it may be, we should open our eyes to the good lessons it may bring to our life. Failures and mistakes are ingredients to success. We can't fully appreciate the crown and taste the sweetness of success if we haven't experienced trials and have been bruised and wounded by the battles of life. We should always remember that God is always there guiding us and loving us for what we truly are in spite of our imperfection.

I love doing my job. It's my bread and butter. It gives me sense of gratification and satisfaction. And in today's unstable economy wherein a lot of people having a hard time in getting a job, I am really blessed. Even though the routine of my job often is monotonous. Thank you, Lord for the opportunity to work and through this grace I would become a better person you want me to be.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Just an Update

It's been awhile since the last time I have posted something here on my blog. It's been so pretty busy here in the workplace. A lot of paperwork occupied my job tray. I have to prioritize things so I may be able to finish the tasks and all. Blogging is one way of unloading my thoughts, emotions and anything that slipped in my mind once in a while. And because I can't entertain and face my computer for the whole day only to have my blogging session, I bought a  notepad as my personal diary to put my thoughts and musings into words when I'm in the mood.

Nothing so much new happened for the past two months I've been silent. I'm just busy with doing paperwork such as payroll and submission of reports for the last fiscal year. I never had my beach or pool swimming last summer. It was my choice. I have received some invitations to go swimming with friends and colleagues but I said no. I'm just not in the mood of going outdoors because of the terrible heat during summer season. The kind of heat of the season is not that normal. It is caused by global warming. So sad of what's happening to our Mother Earth.

Good News. My brother graduated last April 29. It was also my mother's birthday. I sent birthday greetings to my mother who stays in the province. My father and I attended the graduation. After the program, we eat at Kenny Rogers - SM North Edsa to celebrate. Congratulations, Bobet! You did it! Last June 06, it was Monday. My sister Arlene gave birth to a healthy baby boy via normal delivery. My first nephew. The first grandchild of the family. We were so thankful and praise God for the gift of life. Ardie is his first name. The bundle of joy of the family. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

After the Storm

Many years ago, I was disgusted and feeling distress when my sister disclosed to me that she was raped with someone else when she was just a child. I don't know what is the exact age of her when it was happened. The guilty person who did the crime was my grandparents' helper in their farm. We don't have any idea where he is now because I don't have a bit of information of his whereabouts even before. I was the only one who knew what had happened to my sister. I can see from her eyes the pain and sadness that she had. The sad thing part of it was it took so many years before she courageously confided it with me. But still, I'm very thankful and relieved because she trusted me. At least, I now fully understand her talks and actions when we were still young and growing up. 

I know how it's been so hard for her to cope with the situation. Depression is the worst feeling in this world that overshadowed her that's why she once tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills. I have witnessed how she'd done it and I burst into tears because I felt the excruciating pain, hopelessness, self-pitiness and downfall she'd feeling. Unintentionally, I found a handwritten letter she kept in her personal thing. It was a letter narrating what she'd been through. A letter where she put all her emotions about failures, anguish, fears and envy about something in her life.

I still vividly remember when I'd advised her many years ago to tell everything about it to a man she chooses to be with forever before they will decide to get married. And I know she keep it that words in her heart and mind. I was pleased and grateful when after many years of coping with the situation she'd finally found the man who accepted her for who and what she is. Now, my sister is happily married. The wedding took place at the province last year. And at this moment we are thankfully and gladly waiting for the very first grandchild in our family. Yes, she's pregnant now.  She'll be giving birth on her first bundle of joy this coming June. God is really good. And I thank God for all the love and graces He poured.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Sir & Joi

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Today is the birthday of my immediate boss and co-officemate here in our department. Certainly, it would be a busy day for us here. Our boss will be having a birthday celebration this lunchtime at the conference room. Our boss ordered many foods to be served for employees who will attend the celebration. We will be preparing all the things needed for the birthday celebration. 

To my boss: A very Happy Birthday to a great mentor and a wonderful person. Wishing you success and happiness always!

To Joi: Sending birthday blessings, filled with love and peace and joy. Wishing sweetest things happen, right before your eyes today that is your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Reflection of Faith

During my childhood days, I once felt I was lost. I was searching for a place that I could say I am loved for what I am. I am so blessed when I stayed with Lola Cion, my grandfather's first cousin, because of her I was taught how to keep my faith with God to be stronger each day. I saw how would she fervently kneel and pray everyday. She opted to be single that's why she's living alone in her house. My mother agreed with her that I would sleep with her at night. I enjoyed my nights staying with her. I've learned how to pray the rosary earnestly. I am so pleased to witness how she really cared for her entire family by praying all of them individually and asking God to protect and guide them. I was so amazed how she loved and cared for them all. 

Life is full of struggles and circumstances. Sometimes, I can hardly feel the presence of love of God. I can't understand why God allowed some bad things happened in my childhood life. Why He didn't protect me when I was molested as a child? Until now, the only profound answer I have in mind is: I don't know. I really don't. But God knows. And that's enough. I believe everything happens for a reason. As Bo Sanchez says, "God won't protect you from all pain. But He will allow the pain that can turn into a great blessing." The Bible says, All things work for good to those who love God.

Despite all hardships and pain I have endured, I'm still strong. And that's because of God's grace and protection. Inspirational and motivational books have a great impact in my life. I picked up all the words of wisdom I found on it and keep it as my armor in struggling life's journey. God's Word and faith in Him are the two powerful tools of mine in surmounting the mountain of life I've been through. But it isn't easy. There are times I see myself being knocked down. But God is good. God put His arms around me and lifted me up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

~April 11~
"Investing in the family's future is deciding to chase kites on spring days, to chase balls on playgrounds, and to chase laughter rising from a baby's lips like bubbles on the wind rather than to chase dust bunnies beneath beds."

~April 12~
"Laughter, like a gentle spring shower, replenishes the dusty earth."

~April 13~
"To venture beyond routine, invites the possibility of joy that is found best in daring to change."

~April 14~
"Until you take a close look, all daffodils look the same."

~April 15~
"The difference between the truth and tale is the difference between the photographs in the seed catalogue and what comes up in the garden."

~April 16~
"The seasons of planting, watering, and harvesting begin with a foot on the shovel."

~April 17~
"Absorb beauty into your mind and heart as deeply as breathing in spring breezes. Like air, beauty is alive in you now and will come again in memory."

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Promise

Dear Catherine,

One day, you'll see the various events of your life - even the most painful ones - with new eyes. They will be like jigsaw pieces that now all fit together.  The most difficult moments of your life are the lovely shadows that now make the painting of your life utterly magnificent. Catherine, I will turn your mourning into joy, your sorrow into dancing. That's a promise.

Promise Keeper,

PS. Sometimes, your don't understand, Catherine. That's okay. I don't call you to understand. I call you to trust Me.

Such a very beautiful and wonderful message from Him! I feel more hopeful while waiting for the very beautiful life God has in store for me. Reflecting on the past makes me grateful because I realized how God magnificently molded me to become a better person He wanted me to be. I would only say that God's grace is more than what we have ever imagined. I was overwhelmed how the blessings poured on me more than what I have asked for. Sometimes, I don't understand His ways, but I should trust Him. God knows the best.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

"Laughter around a family dining table is like sunshine in a home."
~April 06~

"Joy, like the dandelion, crops up when least expected and often where not sought."
~April 07~

"Find contentment by enjoying the present season rather than frolicking in dreams of the next."
~April 08~

"Life, like a river on its way to the sea, is fed and joined by small streams of love and kindness so that it grows fuller and stronger on the way."
~April 09~

"Steadfast friendship gently embraces like forever-green ivy climbing a porch."
~April 10~

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Got My Flu Shot

I got my flu shot for the second time yesterday. I had my first vaccine last June 2010. Thanks to Department of Health for giving free vaccination and of course, to Nursing Service Department who made it possible here in the workplace. All employees were informed about the said free vaccination. 

After several hours, my arm felt numb from getting the vaccine shot. I felt pain whenever I tried to move up my left arm. They said that it's pretty normal to feel numbness. Last night, I'm not feeling well. But still I managed to come to work today. But later this afternoon, I'm not feeling well again. I feel weak and have symptoms of common fever. I don't want to take any medication. 

I only hope that the pain on my left arm and the flu-like symptoms will disappear soon. 

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

-April 01
"Share love without restrain, the way the honeycomb offers its sweetness and the breeze its fragrance."

-April 02
"Encouragement from a friend after trouble is as welcome as sunshine after a storm."

-April 03
"Flowers, emerging from their dusty winter sleep, translate nature's love notes as they speak of promise to our doubts and hope to our worry."

-April 04
"Constant self-reproach is like watching a sapling every hour to measure its growth. With both, time is better spent feeding, watering, and admiring."

-April 05
"Words of love are not like messages made in sidewalk chalk to be washed away by. More indelible, they are written by kindness on the chambers of the heart."

Friday, April 01, 2011

Goldilocks Ube Macapuno Roll

Ube Macapuno Roll

I love ube! It's my favorite flavored cake. Ube flavored sponge cake filled with vanilla butter icing.The whole cake is iced with Ube butter icing . The surface is decorated with rich macapuno strings topped with rosettes and violet chocolate toppers. The whole  cake is sprinkled with colored vermicelli.

My entry to:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

-March 28
"Everyone deserves to experience some unconditional love."

-March 29
"Knowledge is what separates being prepared and being lucky."

-March 30
"Don't despair when the going gets rough, for that's when you discover how strong you really are."

-March 31
"If you've managed to achieve a goal without a struggle, it's time to set your sights higher."

"Changing your mind, changing your goals, or changing direction is not a sign of indecision - it's a sign of growth."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My 1st Ever Fun Run - Yakult 10-Miler Race 2011

I woke up at exactly three o'clock in the morning last March 27, 2011. I took a bath and went straight to the office where our meeting place is. We left the place at 4:00 a.m. and we're super excited to go to CCP Manila to attend the Yakult 10-Miler Race 2011. 
Our day will not be complete without pictorials. The camera captured the once-in-a-lifetime first ever bonding moment fun run we ever had. We had a lot of snapshots before and after the event.
We seized the moment with our first fun run.  Though I only finished the 5k race within 54:44 minutes I'm still proud of my accomplishment. It's my first time in joining such event and have made it possible even without practice. It's actually a wonderful thing. I achieve something good. And I feel better.

After the event, we have decided to look for some food place where we could eat breakfast. We all agreed to dine at Aristocrat Restaurant in Malate, Manila.
took a snapshot before we entered the resto
while waiting for our order
I ordered Filipino Breakfast Set (Longganisa & Chicken Adobo w/ hot tea) with a price of  Php 239.00 to satisfy my hungry tummy.
garlic rice
with fried eggs, longganisa and chicken adobo
Overall, the breakfast was a wonderful way to cap the end of our first ever Fun Run. See you on our next race. It's so addictive!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinner at Aristocrat Restaurant

Last Sunday, March 20, I attended the 1st day of HPMA Inter-hospital Badminton Tournament held at 365 Badminton Court in Pasay City. It was really a tiring day. I'm not a badminton player but still I felt tired. I was there to assist the HPMA Officers in handling the program.

After the game, our team informed us that we'll be heading to Aristocrat Restaurant in Roxas Blvd., Malate,  Manila to have a sumptuous dinner. All of us were tired so much so that we're thankful that we could have a simple treat for ourselves and have fun with the team while enjoying the food.

While waiting for our order, here what I've got.
And then after several minutes, foods were served. Let's eat.
Aristocrat Pancit Canton. I love it so much. It's so yummy.
Chopsuey. Topped with crab meat, shrimp, pork and chicken.
Iced tea.
And, of course, their famous Barbecued Chicken with Java Rice.

My entry to:
Happy Food Trip Friday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At the Crossroad of Life

Lost. Confused. Unsure. Worried. These are the things that occupies my mind today. I see myself standing at the crossroad of life. Life is full of uncertainties. Our laid plans go astray. We don't know what exactly God has in store for us. The only certain thing we do have is to believe and be still in God's love for us.

I'm still trying to find my calling, on what's really my purpose in life. I feel like I'm stuck in the middle of the crossroad. Uncertain of what life path I choose to embark on. That in the end I could say I don't have any regret. Decision making is one of the hardest thing to do. It needs proper timing and consideration of what matters most. I know there are times that we need to make a big decision. A decision that sometimes we need to sacrifice and give up something just to get what's close to our heart's desire. But I know there is always a risk on everything.

Just like this paper boat, I am now floating on the wide open ocean water. Will I wait for the wind to blow down on me? Or steer myself in the direction I want to go even if it's against the wind? I don't know the answer yet.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

- March 22
"Our perception of the world comes from our past experiences and is influenced by our expectations of the future. Only when both can be put aside is it possible to experience the richness of the present moment and see the world from a fresh perspective."

- March 23
"When broken dreams cross my path, it helps me to know that it takes broken soil to grow a flower, broken clouds to bring rain, and broken grain to make bread."

-March 24
"An easy way to make a bad day better is to smile at everyone you meet."

-March 25
"Knowledge is like a drop of water released into the ocean of the generations, a vast sea of discovery where no one struggles to reach the shore."

-March 26
"Life, like roses, is a package deal, thorns and blooms. Hope, added to petals, transforms them from seasonal leftovers into lasting keepsakes, and blends our days into a potpourri of enduring possibilities."

-March 27
"Emotions are what being human is all about."
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

Pink Samsung GT-S5233W Star Wi-Fi Phone

Due to snatch incident happened to me last November 2010, I decided to have a Pink Samsung S5233 Star Wi-Fi Phone as replacement on my lost Nokia 5000. Samsung Star is basically a touch screen model, with a sleek layout. It has many amazing features that's why I loved it. I also used color pink mobile phone cover. I have two cellular phones but I use this one every day.

My 3rd entry to Pink Fridays.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom