Sunday, September 12, 2010

Will take a Break

Feeling stressed? Then the best thing that you can do is to take a break. Stepping away from work in small chunks of time will help in releasing physical and mental pressures. It allows a healing mental break and serves as reward for better feeling of oneself.

On this coming week, from Thursday up to Sunday would be my great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. BFF Aieen invited me to go with them in Aringay, La Union to visit her family and relatives. Swimming at the beach and  traveling up to Baguio City are listed on our itinerary. I'm so enthralled to go walking along the seashore and swimming at the beach. I can't remember when was the last time I went to a beach for swimming that's why I'm so thrilled to feel once again the saltiness of seawater and air. It would be nice also to experience lying in a hammock near the sea while sipping a favorite drink.

After a day or two, we'll be driving up to Baguio City which is only 1 hour drive from my friend's place in La Union. I'm not really excited to visit the place because I've been there twice. Baguio City is beautiful but not as beautiful as before. I couldn't see anymore the abundant pine trees that triumphantly parading on the highways and on top of the mountains. I just feel sad because the natural beauty of the place and the cool weather of the city seems to fade. There are thousands of houses built in the mountainside and it looks like dove houses when you had seen it in a farther view.

But still, there's a lot of wonderful things to be enjoyed at Baguio City. I'll gonna have a chance to visit once again the Baguio Botanical Garden, The Burnham Park, The Mines View Park and a lot more. It's nice to capture  magnificent view and wonderful moments with my friend's family on a place like this. It's also a perfect moment for me to enliven my spirit, rejuvenate and recharge my stressed body and mind. It will also the best time to connect and embrace myself with Mother Earth's exquisite beauty.

For now, I'm so excited and ready for our upcoming travel.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mama Mary's Birthday

Today, September 8, the world is celebrating the birthday of our dearest and greatest Mother of all, Mama Mary. I feel the joy and peace in my heart as I confidently know that you will always there to guide us as we embark on the journey of life. I thank you for all the intercessions and answered prayers you've given me and to the rest of my family and circle of friends. May we always look upon you as our model of having a big heart in all ways. 

As we celebrate Mother Mary's birthday today, may we always be reminded that our life is the rare and best gift God has given to us. May our love for Mama Mary bring us all to the realization  that there is a God who cares and loves us in such a way that is unimaginable and imponderable. In spite of our own flaws and unworthiness, we are truly sure of His undying love for us.

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary!!! We love you so much!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

"Ber" Months are Here: Countdown Begins

As the month of September kicks off, the Christmas countdown for us Filipinos begin. We can hear Christmas songs played on some radio stations, in the mall or even at home. Others start to buy Christmas decors and decorating it at home. Malls and other commercial establishments start in preparing and selling some products intended for Christmas season. But still Christmas here in Philippines traditionally begins on December 16, the start of simbang gabi or dawn masses.

I just don't know why I feel a bit of loneliness whenever I hear Christmas song. Perhaps, it's normal to feel this day especially when you're far from your family. Another thing for sure is I don't have special someone this time to spend with on that special day. But still I have to look forward on it and keep the true spirit of Christmas alive in my heart.