Thursday, April 21, 2016

7 Colorful Decades of Life

The Growing Years. 
The first decade of life, from infancy and toddlerhood to early childhood, are considered the most crucial years of growth.  This is the time when foundations are set - physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and culturally. To ensure a child's optimal development, it is important to provide proper nutrition, healthcare, and of course, responsive parenting. 

Discovering the Bigger World. 
When children reach school-age, they set out to the "big school" and encounter a different world of excitement and challenges. They begin to broaden their social circles, establish close friendships and discover wider interests. In their teen years, they engage in high levels of enthusiasm and attempt to assert their independence. Thus, continuous parent guidance and understanding will help them gain confidence in making positive choices for themselves. 

Enjoying Newfound Independence. 
As individual reach their 20's, they enter the first phase of young adulthood. In this age of newfound personal and professional independence, individuals seek more autonomy in decision-making, lifestyle and financial capacity. Both men and women also explore greater possibilities in developing life partnerships with the goal to make long-term commitments. For most, their dreams begin to slowly transform into reality during this exciting decade. 

Expanding Horizons. 
Most people aged between 31 to 40 years old have well-entrenched careers and families. As such, they are unafraid to expand their horizons, such as building a new house, taking calculated investment risks, buying the latest technology gadgets, or exploring places around the world. This dash of daring is born from the confidence they have gained throughout the years. 

The Age of Stability and Reflection.
 The decade of the 40s signals the beginning of middle adulthood. Having achieved an overall sense of stability, men and women at this age find time in their hands to reevaluate their life structures and make corresponding adjustments in areas that have become ineffective for them. This process of meaningful internal change comes with the desire to guide the next generation based on their personal learning and experiences. 

Pursuing Other Passions.
Hitting the 50's use to be "feared", but this is gradually changing. More adults are now seeing this decade as an opportunity to reinvent themselves or engage in interests that they may have set aside as life got extremely busy in their 30's and 40's. Having achieved financial stability and with most of their children grown up, those who can still physically afford it may spend more time on their personal passions -- whether it is traveling or engaging in a hobby long put-off. However, there is no escaping the inevitable changes in their bodies that result from aging. Their everyday pace begins to slow down which could be to their favor as their preferences shift from working hard to taking life easy. 

Giving Back in Gratitude. 
Entering the 70's is a proud moment. During these platinum years, those who have been successful in life are most likely to look back with few regrets and develop a general feeling of fulfillment. In appreciating the wellspring of wisdom and achievements they have acquired, elderly individuals may manifest their gratitude by giving back to the world-at-large for helping shape their seven colorful decades.

(Adapted from Mercury Drugstore Calendar 2015)