Tuesday, July 05, 2011

5-Year Milestone Anniversary

Today is July 05, 2011. I'm celebrating my five (5) year service anniversary here in the company. I utter words of praise and thanksgiving for the privileges and opportunities God put into my hands. I'd realized how my life has been changed since the first time I entered this workplace.

It wasn't my first job. I could say that I have skills and knowledge to do the job. It doesn't mean that there is no things to be improved on my craft. I'm open to new ways of  improving myself and developing self-confidence. Learning is an endless thing as long as you're eager to do so. It would enhance our skills and abilities to be in a right track of our profession. And of course, for our own personal growth and development. Sometimes we learn through the smooth way. Sometimes, at the opposite side. But whatever it may be, we should open our eyes to the good lessons it may bring to our life. Failures and mistakes are ingredients to success. We can't fully appreciate the crown and taste the sweetness of success if we haven't experienced trials and have been bruised and wounded by the battles of life. We should always remember that God is always there guiding us and loving us for what we truly are in spite of our imperfection.

I love doing my job. It's my bread and butter. It gives me sense of gratification and satisfaction. And in today's unstable economy wherein a lot of people having a hard time in getting a job, I am really blessed. Even though the routine of my job often is monotonous. Thank you, Lord for the opportunity to work and through this grace I would become a better person you want me to be.


Sie said...

I am happy for you Ms.Cathie..each of us has indeed many reasons to be thankful of..many people are looking for a job now and you having a job that you really love doing is indeed a blessing.I was a bank teller before and having a good relationship within your working place are one of the reasons to keep you staying with your job aside from promotions and good salary..have a nice day Ms.Cathie :)

Cathie said...

Thank you so much, Sie for wonderful thoughts! I really appreciate it.

God is really good!

Sie said...

Ms.Bheng I'll always be here po..like you I had painful experiences when I was a child..only child po ako but I was child abused by my Mom..it is really hard po I am healed but not completely po..I have many hurts po specially in my past po sobrang trials po talaga but I have to be strong for my 2 kids even now that I am annulled and a single mom..as a mom I have no reason to be weak po and I know God is there..He knows what we have been through Ms.Bheng..I know God will answer our prayers in due time..nyt Ms.Bheng *hugs*

Noel said...

congrats Bheng ! I'm so happy for you and all the blessings that your job makes possible. Don't stop expressing yourself through your wonderful blog, God bless you always from another middle child :)