Monday, September 05, 2011

Dear Mr. A: An Old Flame

More than three years have passed since we parted ways and never been reconnected. Until one day, I received a missed call and found out it was you. Then, we were re-communicated once more.

It seems you're talking to me just like nothing happened in the past. You're still the same person that I once knew. You always pestering me with your sarcastic remarks. Enough for me to feel quite mad at you the way you are. But I guess there is no more question about it. It's you.. the real you.

Now, you want me back. Is it that easy? Maybe, for you. The first time I heard it from you, I don't know what my reaction is. Am I happy? I remain still. But the feeling I think isn't there anymore. You said you will gonna prove that you have unfeigned love. Do I have to believe? For all the pain you caused me, do you still worthy of my full trust? Do I have to give you a second chance?

I'm sorry. That's all I can say at this very moment. After weighing things out, I've realized some things never last. The feelings I have for you before exists no more. I try to feel within my heart if you're still resides in there but my heart says you're out of her life now. I am really sorry but I don't love you anymore.  

I have overcome the struggle and burden you have caused me. The past hurt and mistake made me a stronger person. It taught me how to accept my loss and brave enough to go through life without you. Thank you for the chance, I was given an ample time in expressing what my heart and mind wanted to say. You need to move on now. You have to let go. Let's just be fair. Let's just be friends! That's the only thing I could offer you right now. It will never change. And will never be.


Sie said...

I agree Ms.Cathie..individual differences on a past relationship can easily be forgotten..wounds can be healed but it is never an assurance of getting back into the relationship is still the main core of a relationship..if the feelings are gone then both of you must move on..

everybody deserves a second chance for love and it won't always mean falling in love with the same person again..

settle for the BEST Ms.Cathie :)

Cathie said...

Sie: thank you so much for the kind and wonderful thoughts. Yes, we must move on with our individual life.

I really wish for a love that is worth fighting for. And yes, I will settle for the BEST! The one God wants me to have.

Thank you so much for spending time here on my blog. It really made a difference. I loved it so much. I feel so good.

Simple Sie said...

sis done..I have sent it can check it out *hugs*