Thursday, September 29, 2011

Princess in Disguise

I saw her wearing her cutest smile while talking to a friend. She is a simple lady with a humble heart. She brings inspiration to those who needed it. She lends a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to someone she cares. She is a good provider to her family. She has a positive outlook in life. I have witnessed how she sacrificed her own happiness for the sake of her family. I have seen how she succeeded in some of her struggles in her life's journey. I have proven how she dearly love her family and give them the best that she can be. I have seen how proud she was when her dreams for her beloved family have been fulfilled and all the efforts she'd given to them have been rewarded. She tearfully thanked God for all the graces and answered prayers bestowed to her family.

But there's one thing they didn't know about her. When darkness comes and the sun is out, her smile turns into cry. She takes off her mask. She must face her real world. A life of being alone and no one to love.
Yesterday night, I saw her all alone in her silent shell. Her little comfort zone has been a quiet witness to her lonely and pain-filled days. Just an hour, a sudden burst of frustration, despondency and hopelessness envelops her whole being. She cried and cried. She was attacked by a depression. She felt emptiness and a loss of love. She has a feeling of being drowned in the ocean of fear and failure. She couldn't fathom the realities and uncertainties of life. She is afraid to be left alone and lonely. She is afraid things will not be okay.

Sometimes, a teaspoon of regret makes her heart shattered into pieces. If only she had fight for the love she once had, maybe she won the battle of love. If only she had not let go of him, maybe she now happy with a man she truly loved. If only she said yes to his man's marriage proposal, maybe she is now happy and contented wife. If only she had think and decide only for herself, maybe she now living with a family of her own. But it's too late. She can never turn back the pages of time.

I sigh, realizing that 
          I've lost my sanity amidst 
                   the dark and stormy night.


Sie said...

naman Cathie..this made me have written it so well..I just thought you have written what's on my mind sis..

how are you?

I sent you a mail..your latter post on going to church can't be opened..

*hugs sis*..kaya mo yan :)

Cathie said...

My friend Sie: Kindly check your email, I already sent you my reply.

Sie said...

ok sis I will check it po..kindly visit my site.I have passed an award for you..

Sie said...

sis I have made an award for my friends last are included in my's ok for you not to answer my tag questions I know your busy..just recieved it and make it a part of your site as a remembrance from are special to me sis so you should have the award I personally made :)

Sie said...

ay here is the link xensya po..

Cathie said...

@Sie: got it already my friend. Thank you for everything!

Anonymous said...

This is beautifully written and heart-touching. How true it is for so many women.
Thank you for this post - It helps us see that in this life we should follow our heart.
Have a lovely day!

Balqis said...

Really touching! She makes so many sacrifices for the sake of her family. Well-written post.

I'd like to thank you for following my blog.