Friday, April 16, 2010

Online Love Affair

Never in my wildest imagination I have thought of entering a love affair through internet. It was a year ago when my cousin introduced me into dating website. At first I took for granted her idea of signing up in one of the websites she'd given me. Then I had realized that there's nothing to worry about in trying it out. So I signed up and accepted the terms and conditions of the website. A week later I've got a lot of messages from different places here and abroad. There are Filipinos but most of them are foreigners. They've invited me to be one of their friends and have accepted some of them whom I think they deserve it.

I got curious in one particular foreign guy because he messaged me in mixed language, our language (Tagalog) and English. Out of curiosity I replied his message and then he replied me back and later on we've chatted almost everyday. I found him very nice and endearing. I've been honest and truly trusted him in every  thing he says. Months have passed and we've been comfortable with each other. We talked almost everything, shared stories, exchanged comments and ideas in almost all aspects of life. After five months of chatting online I knew from my heart that he's very special to me. Then one day he told me that he loves me already; my heart shouted for joy after hearing it. Eventually, we became lovers online. He then proposed marriage but I told him that we should meet in person first to get to know more and have a heart-to-heart talk before we decide for such commitment in which he agreed. I waited for months for his arrival here in Manila, Philippines to do business work and at the same time to meet me.

Being a good researcher I might say, I tried to search a bit more of his profile and have found out something fishy that bothers me. I told him what I did and asked him some questions but he got mad at me. I apologized but he just left me with a single word "bye". I sent him messages but he never responded. He even deleted his profile in the dating website where we met. I cried a bucket and my heart was shattered when distress and chagrin dawned on  me. Almost a couple of months I still hoped for the appeasement but  it never  betided. I still have unanswered questions in mind. But then I came to the conclusion that he betrayed me and have been dishonest with me. I don't disavow that I was hurt and disappointed for what had happened.

Now, I have moved on and have accepted that it happened for a reason. I'll just leave it up to God and let Him handle the journey of my heart.


Iam veRONIque said...

In life happiness can never be truly felt without being hurt. In such, we are able to fully understand why we feel happy and joyous. I would never wish anyone to go through pain yet I would always be someone who you can count on whenever and wherever. Love is a wonderful emotion and we all deserved to be love and for sure it'll come at the right time.

Gary said...

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anie said...

In life love plays a important role if it is true because love gives us both happiness and sadness. When love gives happiness we enjoy our life but if it creates problems then we learn lot of things in life. So, love (happiness & sadness) is a part of life.