Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lamesa Grill

It was a bright sunny day when Charisse and Jasmin asked me to be with them in SM North Edsa to look for a swimwear to be used this hot summer escapade. At first, I was a bit irresolute of going out thinking no one will be staying late at the office. But knowing Riza will stay, we finally headed to SM North Edsa. It was a blissful day for us because we had an unplanned chillax. We managed to have a get-together once again after such time we're still in not-so-much available mood.

We strolled around and looked for something we need. After a while, we headed to Trinoma Mall to look for a better and more affordable swimwear. We saw the couple falling in line at nearby fastfood chain. Roni told us they were hungry then we decided to look for a dining place. It was in Lamesa Grill where we dined in and savored the delectable food. After a full plate, we browsed some cocktail drinks available on their menu. Blue Margarita was then our choice. We filled up our glasses and emptied it while chitchatting.

I really enjoyed the day out once again and felt relaxed.