Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unfavorable Days is Coming

Earlier this morning, when I heard from a personnel of Comptroller's Office that the processing of payroll for all employees will be implemented based on HRIS (Human Resources Information System) by the end of this December, the first thing that came into my mind was the toxic job coming soon.
Why I call it toxic job? It is because the said program has no perfect end result up to this time despite of several years spent on solving the problem. The programmer has really a hard time in making the HRIS perfectly organized or with less error. As a result, we at HRD suffer on the imperfection of the system. For sure, many workload will be added to us and we have to work double time especially starting today that one of our office colleagues is on maternity leave and has no reliever yet. Being one of the responsible and trusted office staffs here in the department, I'm handling now the usual workload left by our on-leave office colleague. So I have to work very hard  and do multitasking to get more work done and meet deadlines. 

It's really a big challenge for me that I have to accept and give my very best to do the job. I already put my trust in God that He will give me physical strength, knowledge and wisdom to fulfill the tasks and responsibilities expected of me. "So help me God."