Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to School

School has officially started yesterday. And it means a lot to me. Not because I will go back to school but instead my beloved brother will do. I called it as answered prayer because it's been a long time since I've been praying that my brother would realize the value of education and change her attitude towards life's journey. He is quite hardheaded and I ignore him just like I don't care for him. But God knows how I do love him and wish for a better life for him. I just wanted him to realize all the mistakes he did in the past. 

One day, he told me that he wants to go back to school and pursue his education. I felt glad upon hearing it and tears of joy flowed down my cheeks. I told him that if he's really sure of what he wants; then, I will help and provide him financial assistance in his studies. And now, he's looking forward to his classes being a working student armed with determination to finish the one year vocational course he enrolled in. I give him two thumbs up for his enthusiasm and perseverance to improve himself and strive to build a better life ahead. And I thanked God for He has answered my prayer. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!