Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short Talk with a Guidance Counselor

Today, it might be an ordinary day for someone else but for me it's a special one. It is because I had a great short talk with a guidance counselor here at my workplace. I went to her office and we had a closed-door short talk about ourselves, our needs and wants. I get along very well with her that's why I'm confident enough to tell her my feelings, longings and desires of my heart. I felt a sense of relief after we talked because of such words of wisdom and advices she'd given me. I really appreciate her for giving me a fraction of her precious time in listening on my woes. She understands how I felt and she shared with me her past situation she'd faced before just like what I have right now. I thank her for giving me encouraging words and a piece of advice that would lift up my spirit. And she keep on telling me that whichever place or life situation we are in right now is God's will and He would definitely guide and lead us to the perfect place and situation He prepared for us.

Before I bid goodbye and thank her for the time, she even asked me what's my prayer request. I answered her with a smile and by that she understands what I really mean.