Friday, July 30, 2010

Quiet Moment with God

There is always a point in our daily life, a day's portion when we want to be alone so we could have a special quiet moment with God. And looking for a place free of agitation and intrusion is the key to necessary reflection, listening and talking to Him. It is the best way to feel His presence, meditate and surrender everything to Him. You may consider to be wholly alone with Him in the comfort of your cozy room or sitting by the window gazing at the blue sky. It would certainly give you serenity, calmness and relaxing feeling that you could not find elsewhere but only within God's presence.

my workplace's chapel

One of the usual places where I choose to be in a solitary mood with God is the Eucharistic Chapel of different churches I've got the chance to visit. I loved the serenity and holiness of this place wherein I could fervently feel that the Lord is at home peculiarly the solace and relaxation it give to my stressed mind, body and soul. And still I do indeed enjoy being comfortable with myself having a heart-to-heart conversation with God. I used to adore, pray, talk and listen to His words as the Holy Spirit envelops my whole being and touches my heart. It is such a great feeling knowing you're in the comfort and consolation of Mighty Hands in a very special moment of stillness and tranquility. What an indescribable and inexpressible feeling!


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love it friend :D