Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Emotional Roller Coaster

I'm having an emotional roller coaster feeling right now. Yesterday, I feel so enthusiastic in looking for a job abroad and hoping it would be possible to land a good job. I was so glad when Ms. Joan handed me a list of requirements I need to submit before I could take an examination.  She told me that it's much better to submit my lacking requirements  right away so that she could accommodate my application. I was informed that they have an urgent positions available and it's up to me if I'm interested. I stepped out of the building with a positive attitude in pursuing my laid plan into reality. 

Earlier this day, I went to the office of one of my friends here in the workplace and she'd given me a sort of advice and shared with me some of her experiences during her employment abroad days. For her, it's much better for me to stay here in my present workplace than to venture into another journey abroad. I know she has a point when she told me that it's very hard to get a job nowadays and I  could be jobless after I came back from working abroad. I know our company is giving us benefits that other company don't have like  most especially the medical and educational benefits we have here. But I know deep inside my soul, I want to explore,  try and learn something new and take risks with the guidance of the Divine Hands. I don't want to live my whole life working so hard and be content in the comfort of my small cubicle but didn't grow  as what I wanted to be and never tried to step out of my comfort zone. Opportunity comes to those who seek and acknowledge God that there is always better way for me to grow and that's exactly what I'm doing. I don't want to live a life regretting the chances I've missed that's why my heart and mind kept on telling me that I should pursue it. But then I felt uneasy, a feeling of emotional roller coaster dawned on me as I  stepped out of her office and while walking back to our department's office.  Half of my mind and heart telling me to just stop for awhile and listen, weighing things down while the other half telling me to follow what I really wanted to do.

I was really grateful when I got a chance to have a chit chat online with Aieen  when I signed in at yahoo at that very moment when I needed someone to talk to. I listened to her very inspiring and awakening words of encouragement and enlightenment of what would be the very best decision I could ever make. First and foremost, I should ask God's will and guidance on my life. I should listen to what He says and have faith that whatever paths I choose to go, He is definitely be there for the rest of my journey. I have only to give my very best to do things and the rest is in His Mighty Hands.


Iam veRONIque said...

Though sometimes I failed to listen to your plans going abroad it doesn't that I am selfish or mean. It's just that since we became close I am exultantly happy and strong. My day is never complete without our simple hi and warm hugs. Honestly, I was looking for a friend here hoping that I could have true friends despite anything and now that I have found you and our little group, my life found comfort and joy. Seriously speaking I want all the best for you, for you to find solace and happiness wherever and whatever it maybe. So, worry no more about me I am going to be fine, Follow where your heart were lead you and I am just gonna always be here come what may.