Tuesday, February 15, 2011

God is my Shield

Below is the GodWhispers I read from my inbox today. It tells exactly what's in my mind about what  happened on this morning. I'm just obeying the employee rules and regulations imposed by the company.
There was an incident happened between me and a co-worker earlier this morning. She uttered bitter and harsh words against me and without a word I cried because I couldn't take it anymore. I hold on to being a professional, not making any further argument with her. Another worst thing she did was gossiping to different department what was happened between us. For short, she bad-mouthed me here in the workplace. It hurts but I stand to what is proper and just. I don't want any trouble that's why I decided to keep my silence and let her not destroy my patience and professionalism. I'm still glad that the people whom she told about it sympathize with me. They believed that I'm on the right track. They said that this person has an attitude problem. That she had also conflicts with others on the past. What I did was I informed my immediate boss for what had happened and he advised me on what's best thing to do on such situation and how to handle it with dignity and pride of a professional woman like me.

I will just pray and let God heal me on the hurt she caused me. And as what Sir Francis Kong says, "Pay no attention to the jerks and losers in the workplace." 


sHeNgKaY said...

never those people people..they are not worth the time a patulan..

keep the faith..