Friday, February 25, 2011

One Day At A Time

I love books. Inspirational and motivational books are on top of my list. Francis J. Kong is one of my favorite author. He is known as an effective motivational and inspirational speaker. That's why I had no second thought in buying his One Day At A Time (Books 1 to 4) when I read it from his site. It is a Daily Dose of Inspiration for the Man at Work.

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I inquired at the office about it and ordered a set. I even requested it to be signed by Sir Francis J. Kong. I deposited the payment at Banco de Oro and received the order last December 07, 2010. I'm glad when I opened and found out that it was finally signed by the author.

 2Go parcel
 1 bookcase with 4 volumes of the book and 1 bookmarks inside
If you want to start the day with a positive thought, read it. It would bring you a dose of inspiration in doing your job. Surely, you will be enlightened whenever you're feeling down particularly with regards to your work.