Sunday, February 20, 2011

Insensitive People

Would you be glad when on Valentine's Day someone will tell you, "How pity you are! You have no significant other to be with on this special day?" I guess not! I think it's pretty normal to feel bad when you know within yourself that there are times in your life you do feel unloved, alone and lonely. What would be the best response on this situation? I don't know the best answer. I only replied, "You know nothing about me." It was happened last February 14, 2011. A certain colleague spoke this ironic words towards me. I just can't ignore the hurt it caused me. I was offended and felt insulted by his ill-remarks.

I just don't know why there are some insensitive people who really can't hold their tongue and happy to hurt others through giving sarcastic remarks. A negative words that could hurt someone's feeling. Others might say I'm just bitter in love. I won't blame you. Maybe you're right. I'm just being myself. A simple and sensitive lady cat.

Valentine's Day reminds me of the unpleasant memories and failed relationships I had in the past. It adds to my injury when some people keep on criticizing and asking repeated questions about my love life. Does it show utmost concern? Or they wanted only to destroy my self-confidence? I don't owe them a single cent. Neither did I ask them a bit of their comments and opinions. They don't even have a common knowledge about me and what I've been through in life.  I have my own life and reason to live the way it is. They had no right to put me down and break me into pieces. I should remind myself.

I'm not ashamed that I lost the battle of love for several times. I accept it with humility and a courageous heart. Still, I'm not afraid to fall in love again. I'm not even afraid of commitment. But I'm not a perfect girl. I have flaws and imperfection. But I am unique. I won't push myself to look for love. I let my heart finds it. Maybe it's not yet the perfect time. Just maybe. I mused it was. Only God knows.

At this very moment, I claim, "The best is yet to come. Someone better will walk into my life and I will find my one true love."


I am Roni said...

Well said my friend and you know how I really understand what you going through. Yet, at the end of the day what matters most is we never become like them and that we are happy on the blessings we received for we know one day what we dream most will come true. Much Love.

Cathy said...

thank u so much friend!