Friday, February 04, 2011

On My 2011 Wishlist

I know I'm a bit late for my year 2011 wishlist. But still I want to make this because I was inspired to do so. Last year, almost all of my wishes came true and that's the reason why I want to make it. As what I've  read from Chinese Astrology, this 2011 Year of the Rabbit will be a favorable year for those who born under the Year of the Sheep/Goat. I'm belong to it and hoping it will.

There are some quite unattainable wishes on my list within the year but I'm still hopeful and fervently praying that God will grant them. In the end, my lips would say "God, Your will be done." You're the Only One who knows the best for me.

On my 2011 Wish List are:

     1.  Work abroad
     2.   Meet my knight in shining armor
     3.   Get married
     4.   Have kids 
     5.   Have a travel vacation (local or international)
     6.   Organize my family reunion
     7.   Save money for future renovation of my acquired house & lot
     8.   Buy a Nikon compact digital camera for daily use
     9.   Have a Nikon DLSR camera 
   10.   More savings and investment 

I'm looking forward and hopeful for a favorable and blessed year on this Year of the Rabbit. I will keep my fingers crossed for all of my wishes.


    I am Roni said...

    I know everything will be given at the right time. All the best to you my friend ;)