Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Bundle of Joy si Coming!

I was overwhelmed with great joy when my sister Arlene who got married last September 18, 2010 informed me yesterday that she had an appointment with obstetrician/gynecologist and was informed that she's now two months pregnant. I'm sure our parents will be exultantly happy and excited for their first grandchild.

It was a great blessing that a bundle of joy is coming. It would be the first baby in the family. Indeed, we rejoiced for such good news. My father who is really longing for a granchild would be more keen in the coming of the baby. I'm certain on it.

My pregnant friend Yhaz has given me her excess folic acid tablets that she bought. My sister needs it. Getting enough folic acid every day especially before conception and during early pregnancy is one of the most important things to do that can help prevent serious birth defects in the baby. I thanked my friend for being generous and kind for giving me some to be given to my pregnant sister.


Phoebe said...

having a baby is really a blessing. they add joy in our life. extend my warm congrats to your sister. :) btw, I added your badge in my page already. thank you!

I am Roni said...

Congratulations to your family my friend. May they both be healthy always. Hopefully I'll be getting the same blessing soon ;)/