Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Dream to Own a House

One of my dreams in life is to own a house. I was just a kid when we, as complete family living in our own house in San Pablo, Laguna. But when some unavoidable circumstance occurred in the family, my parents decided to sell our house in Laguna and settle for good in the province of Aklan,  my mother's hometown. Since then, we stay in the house nestled at barangay San Isidro. The said house was built by our grandfather, Lolo Polen. I heard from a relative that my mom is sending money during the construction of the house. For short, my mom helped financially in the home construction. That's why Lolo Polen really wanted us to stay there and even told everyone that my mother would inherit the house and lot property. But this thing has never been put into legal writing before our grandparents died. It only means nothing is legally inherited the property. Until now, we still don't know who among the siblings will take over on the land property. Two years ago, bad things happened. Mom and my sister were being forced to leave the house because of filthy mouth of my uncle every time he's drunk and he's into bad vices. They opted to stay for a while in my aunt's house. Later on, they'd moved out and presently, they're renting a house. I felt a sting of disappointment on what had happened. But after pondering the situation, I came up with the possibility of getting my own house and lot at the right time if my budget permits. I ask God a sign of approval when is the best time of getting a house and lot. It was granted last Friday of August 13, 2010.


Anonymous said...

i wish to own my piece of land too.. but i'd be indebted to the bank for 20 years.. nyahaahha.. sounds like a prison sentence to me..