Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

- March 22
"Our perception of the world comes from our past experiences and is influenced by our expectations of the future. Only when both can be put aside is it possible to experience the richness of the present moment and see the world from a fresh perspective."

- March 23
"When broken dreams cross my path, it helps me to know that it takes broken soil to grow a flower, broken clouds to bring rain, and broken grain to make bread."

-March 24
"An easy way to make a bad day better is to smile at everyone you meet."

-March 25
"Knowledge is like a drop of water released into the ocean of the generations, a vast sea of discovery where no one struggles to reach the shore."

-March 26
"Life, like roses, is a package deal, thorns and blooms. Hope, added to petals, transforms them from seasonal leftovers into lasting keepsakes, and blends our days into a potpourri of enduring possibilities."

-March 27
"Emotions are what being human is all about."
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