Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Cup of Wisdom

~April 11~
"Investing in the family's future is deciding to chase kites on spring days, to chase balls on playgrounds, and to chase laughter rising from a baby's lips like bubbles on the wind rather than to chase dust bunnies beneath beds."

~April 12~
"Laughter, like a gentle spring shower, replenishes the dusty earth."

~April 13~
"To venture beyond routine, invites the possibility of joy that is found best in daring to change."

~April 14~
"Until you take a close look, all daffodils look the same."

~April 15~
"The difference between the truth and tale is the difference between the photographs in the seed catalogue and what comes up in the garden."

~April 16~
"The seasons of planting, watering, and harvesting begin with a foot on the shovel."

~April 17~
"Absorb beauty into your mind and heart as deeply as breathing in spring breezes. Like air, beauty is alive in you now and will come again in memory."