Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Promise

Dear Catherine,

One day, you'll see the various events of your life - even the most painful ones - with new eyes. They will be like jigsaw pieces that now all fit together.  The most difficult moments of your life are the lovely shadows that now make the painting of your life utterly magnificent. Catherine, I will turn your mourning into joy, your sorrow into dancing. That's a promise.

Promise Keeper,

PS. Sometimes, your don't understand, Catherine. That's okay. I don't call you to understand. I call you to trust Me.

Such a very beautiful and wonderful message from Him! I feel more hopeful while waiting for the very beautiful life God has in store for me. Reflecting on the past makes me grateful because I realized how God magnificently molded me to become a better person He wanted me to be. I would only say that God's grace is more than what we have ever imagined. I was overwhelmed how the blessings poured on me more than what I have asked for. Sometimes, I don't understand His ways, but I should trust Him. God knows the best.