Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 Goat Forecast

When some of my girl friends and I headed to SM Fairview last February before the Chinese New Year's  Day to have short bonding moment with,  we had eyed this 2010 Forecast and we looked up in our Chinese sign.   I had photographed the Goat Sign Forecast which is my astrological sign.

And mine, here it goes:

2010 will be a year of career and financial gains for the Goat, you may accumulate a considerable amount of wealth and fame throughout this year if you follow this advice and work hard and smart. There could be a lot of activity this year at work; you will find that a project that has previously brought you a lot of stress and taken up a lot of your time will bring out many of your positive qualities to the attention of you and others around you. If you are going to take on a new responsibility you should be warned that you will need to learn new skills at a fast speed although this will be very beneficial to you especially if you are given the chance to go on a training course. You will find yourself meeting a lot of new people in 2010 and you will find that you win a lot of them over with your ability to relate to others. You may meet new people this year that you could build a strong friendship with. 

You will benefit from learning new skills; this could be anything from reading a new book to studying a new talent. 2010 is a great time for using your initiative and going ahead with new opportunities. The Goat will take a lot of pride in their new purchases throughout this year but should remember to not make too many impulsive purchases and should not rush into buying something, as you may find that 56 inch plasma television not the best investment you made and neither is it good for the health of our planet so stay small and cautious in 2010! Make sure you research any large purchases before you commit to buying, as you may end up spending more money this year than you can afford to. If you EVER have any doubts in financial situations throughout this year, please seek advice as this could save you a great deal of time and money. 

At home this year, you will need to have flexibility with plans as there will be a lot of activity in your home. You will find that you decide exactly what you want to get done although this year is not good for timetables and rota's, try not to plan too much at once; you will achieve a considerable amount if you learn to do things when it is convenient. If you find it possible, take a holiday with a loved one this year, you will benefit from the change of scenery even if you do not go very far. 

Romance will be very good for you this year, especially if you are looking to get married. Love is very strong for the Goat in 2010 although there is the possibility that a married Goat could find a short term relationship with another person. 

Those born in 1991 should follow their interests and try to expand them. Those born in 1943 should ask for advice from people they trust as they will benefit from this. Those born in 1955 need to keep an eye out for new opportunities as there will be plenty in 2010. Those born in 1967 should not linger in the past as a lot can happen for you when you are willing to move on. Those born in 1979 should spend more time with those who are close to you and take opportunities when they come along. A lost friend or even a family member that became detached may bring good news in 2010 and it is a great year to mend broken bridges, it really is worth contacting lost friends to try and reconcile, expect a great year in 2010.