Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Office Blessing

Office Blessing is performed to bring the presence of God's blessing and protection into a space. It is usually done to keep away from evils and avoid bad lucks.

Today, Monday, 29th of March 2010; we, at Human Resource Department,  had our office blessing at our new office. During lunch time, we had a great tasting viand like chicken chopsuey, pork barbeque, grilled milkfish (bangus) and eggplant salad (ensaladang talong). We savored pancit palabok, pichi-pichi and cake at merienda time.

The Office Blessing Ceremony

Fr. Vicente Amparo led the office blessing ceremony and recited a special prayers and sprinkled holy water to every side of the room. The invited guests participated in the grabbing of blessed coins that have been thrown out by our boss. After the ceremony, the small party food begun. 


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