Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Jude Thaddeus

This is the St. Jude Archdiocesan Shrine in J.P. Laurel, Manila. St. Jude is called the Patron of Hopeless and Desperate Cases. My girl friends and I have decided to attend the nine (9) consecutive days of mass and novena every Thursday in the said shrine.

We had started the mass/novena last 1st Thursday of January 2010. My friend's mother had told her that if we really wanted to complete the 9 days of novena we should attend the recital of The Epistle of St. Jude from the very beginning which is the verse 3 until the last Epistle which is the verse 25. Knowing it, we were encouraged to start attending the mass/novena and pursued to finish it. We have noted that the very first day of our mass/novena was January 14 and the 9th day would be March 11, 2010.

I was the only one who successfully completed the nine (9) consecutive days of mass/novena. My two friends did not make it because of some unavoidable circumstances beyond their control. When we attended the last day of novena dated March 11, I was so happy because we're all present. After the mass we treated ourselves to a sumptuous dinner at Chowking Morayta Branch. Then we went home with a big heart of thanksgiving and a great faith and confidence that St. Jude will grant our prayers and petitions at the right time.


Iam veRONIque said...

Friend, I really love spending time with you and yhaz. I could easily be more comfortable, happy, fulfilled and I can be the real me. Love the fact that we our friendship is bonded with our LOVE to OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER. Thank you for I know you both always pray for my hearts desire to come true and I could never be so thankful and happy to have a friend like you. Though we only often have time to spend together somehow we managed to stay closed even with a simple hello and greetings we made everyday. Knowing that I could count to both of you without being judge and criticized filled my heart with joy and gladness. I will contemplate for my sins and will thankfully pray for both of you 'cause I know this simple gift of prayer is what my biggest heart can offer and this is incomparable. Thanks lady cat and lady yhaz. ;D