Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Narrow Gate

The "narrow gate" is a challenge to choose what is right in preference to what is pleasant or convenient. It is the courage to do God's will rather than ours. Let us all be reminded that we are part of the wonderful plan conceived by God's immense love for all. The difficulties and sufferings we have to endure in life are ways through which God disciplines us as His children, for our greater good.  Let us ask for God's merciful help whenever we encounter difficulties as we try to pass through the narrow gate of a genuine Christian life.

This is the Eucharistic message in today's mass held at my workplace's chapel. I was really touched by the message brought by Fr. Jaycee and thankfully I felt renewed. It was actually the first time I attended mass lead by him and I could only say he's so great in delivering homily and I was inspired by his touching and encouraging words.

Thanks to you, Oh God, for giving Fr. Jaycee as your instrument in sending us Your Powerful Words!