Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Token of Friendship

This pair of earrings is a token of friendship given to me by Daisy, my college best friend and Raul, her fiance. I am so really enthralled with elegant and fashionable jewelries since I was a kid. One of my dreams is to have a collection of fine jewelries well-kept in a beautiful jewelry box. I could still remember my childhood days when my late grandmother used to buy some genuine and fancy jewelries. I think I had acquired  my  fascination with jewelries from her.

a closer look

Because Daisy is working at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I asked her if she could buy me a pair of earrings and pay her later when she arrives. I felt exultantly happy when she agreed. She then asked me what I wanted and I told her to choose the affordable one. She sent me some details of the two pairs of earrings they'd inquired when they went to jewelry shop one day. I choose the white gold. After a few days, she sent me email informing that they'd bought the 18k American white gold earrings amounting 200 dirhams (AED). I wallowed in so much joy and gratefulness when she told me that they've agreed to give it to me as a gift and there's no need to pay for it. I thanked them for the precious gift and just waited for the package to arrive. I'm so glad when it came and excitedly opened and tried it to wear.

This wonderful token reminds me of Daisy and the great friendship we have. And to you, Daise - A million thanks for bringing precious friendship into my life and sharing moments of learning with me that will be treasured forever. :-)