Sunday, August 22, 2010

Overwhelmed in His Blessings!

I'm really overwhelmed of how God answers my prayers. I don't have enough words to express how truly I am grateful for the things that come my way. God is really the Author of Time. He grants your wishes at the right and in His Most Perfect Time. He's never a second too early nor a second too late. 

I've realized that God's love really moves in mysterious ways. He granted my ardent wish at the right time wherein I'm ready to take the mere responsibilities of paying the monthly dues of getting a housing loan. I never had experienced a sort of trouble of completing requirements needed for the submission of the application and getting a checking account in a certain bank.

God allows certain things to happen for some reason which we don't understand sometimes. But I've learned that God teaches us to be patient and learn the moral lesson we get from waiting. Only then, we would understand the sole intention of His plans. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when God delivers you with an unexpected precious gift right at your doorstep? So, be more patient and just have a strong faith that in due time He will shower you amazing and bountiful graces.