Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Michelle's Despedida Party

her sweetest smile
 She's Michelle, a staff nurse here in the hospital. We became friends and have been close since November 2007 when my father underwent a prostate operation. That's how our friendship started and the rest is history.

I was a bit surprised and sad when I knew that she filed a resignation. But the feeling of happiness topped it all because her dream of working abroad turned into a reality. She will be leaving tomorrow bound for New Zealand. But before she bids goodbye, she threw a despedida party last evening of August 19 held at Barrackz Bar & Restaurant at Tomas Morato corner Timog.

on our way to party

a perfect appetizer for beer or wine
a cute pose with her
It was a great despedida party. It turned out into unforgettable evening and a memorable one. It was a fun time and we left the bar after midnight. We hugged her and it was the tightest hug we'd for her. We wish her all the Best. It's not goodbye, just "until we meet again."


anne said...

wow congratulations to her, I am sure you all would miss her, nice picture you got in here. Thanks for sharing

RamaRao_bobby said...

hey Michelle, congrats for realizing your dream of working abroad and you going to New Zealand, that's cool rey!! Seems like you has a blast @despideda party, gr8 food, beer wine n stuff but something is missing. In ur car, I feel there's space for someone special to sit right in the middle of u all and have fun time with you.

btw Who's the girl in pink? y is she staring at the camera with such a casual smile. Of course it doesn't matter much to me. Anyways I wish your friendship lasts forever and hope you prove this good ol' saying wrong in case of ur friendship with Michelle -
"Out of Sight, Out of Mind"